March 6, 2017

Law Firm SEO

    Law Firms are Rising Above their Competition, are You? Attorneys and legal firms around the world receive constant inquiries regarding their services and fees. […]
February 18, 2017

Unveiling the Biggest SEO Trends of 2017

SEO Marketing Plan for 2017 The perception of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) varies among businesses, but one constant remains favorable. It is necessary to utilize effective […]
November 23, 2016

Effortlessly Rise Above Your Competitors in 2017

Supercharge Your Digital Marketing Campaign! The end of the year is upon us and your customers are preparing for the holidays. Time off work, family gatherings, […]
August 22, 2016

Free Wi-Fi Makes Your Business the Social Hotspot of the Industry

Social Wi-Fi Services in Baltimore – What You Need to Know Customers have always been relatively clear about what they look for in a business. Many […]
June 14, 2016

Mobile Friendly Website Update – Don’t Lose Your Rank

Google’s Second Mobile Algorithm Update Could Change the Ranking System for Websites without Mobile Optimization As of May 12, 2016, if your website isn’t optimized for […]
February 11, 2016

How to Increase Business Revenue in 2016

Increasing revenue in a business today requires more than just advertising and marketing techniques. For your business to appeal to the broad audiences as well as […]
December 7, 2015

8 Reasons You Should be Using SEO Services

In today’s highly competitive market, SEO services are more important than ever before. Today, search engines serve billions of online users who are looking for solutions […]
November 6, 2015

Why it’s Critical to Have a Mobile Friendly Website

Due to the increase in mobile phone use across the globe, there has been an upsurge in the percentage of web traffic coming from different mobile […]
October 27, 2015

Google De-Indexing WIX Sites Temporarily

Google has de-indexed websites temporarily.  Take ownership of your website by transferring it to WordPress.  Allow Virtual Surge to help!  We are offering special pricing to […]
September 29, 2015

How Much Does SEO Cost?

Often when I speak to potential clients, I am asked, “How much does SEO cost”? I have also received many requests asking for a proposal before […]