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Unveiling the Biggest SEO Trends of 2017
February 18, 2017



Law Firms are Rising Above their Competition, are You?

seo for law firmsAttorneys and legal firms around the world receive constant inquiries regarding their services and fees. However, is your office in the right location? This doesn’t apply to your physical location, but your internet location. Are you at the top of the browser bar when clients are in need of quality legal representation?

Ranking Above the Competition

You are associated with an industry that has experienced phenomenal growth over recent years because let’s face it, almost everything requires legal counsel these days. The increase in demand is definitely noticeable and many firms are wondering what they can do to rise above their competition in the industry.

The answer to this question is not an ideal one and is likely to be found in the last place you considered as an attorney. It is important to consider that most people immediately turn to the internet when they are in need of legal counsel or representation. Now the bigger question is, are you there? Not only are you there, but do you or your firm stand out, because potential clients are searching and it’s important that your company name is being returned at the top of their search?

The SEO Key that Opens Doors and Increases Clientele

law firm seoJust as you can’t afford to lose clients, you can’t afford to ignore the effective use of SEO practices in your business. Now, just as you stop to Google exactly what SEO is and why you should have it, understand that your potential clients do the exact same thing (Google it) when seeking legal counsel. Google and its amazing returns are the foundation of success for businesses located around the world. People trust the internet to provide them with information they seek daily and when searching for an attorney, if you’re not ranked among the top ten, you’re simply not ranked.

Internet searchers generally contact the first five to ten businesses that appear at the top of their internet search. People simply have more trust in those companies that populate first and many have found the services they need within the first few phone calls. Unfortunately, potential clients don’t just click enter and your firm magically appears but there is an SEO key that can change your Google search location for the best.

The Facts

Lawyers value facts because they are what matters most and in this case, facts are extremely important. Search Engine Optimization has the ability to convert your website into a virtual powerhouse that produces millions of dollars in increased annual revenue, as well as increase the number of inquiries received on a daily basis. The only thing you must do is rank high but of course, you have no clue how that’s done. You are an expert in the legal industry and there are experts in the SEO industry that can help you accomplish quality rankings on the internet.

Before you make the call to acquire SEO services, remember a few important facts:

All legal SEO experts aren’t professionals. Inquire about monthly tracking efforts and if they service competitors.
  • Inquire about their process and packages. Make certain that the team consists of experts that have delivered quality results at a quality rate.
  • Google is an ethical powerhouse that will not tolerate tainted tactics. A reputable SEO firm will understand the rules and guidelines outlined by Google and will acknowledge these rules. Doing otherwise could lead to penalties for your firm.
  • The legal industry has the most competitive market online and your firm can be extremely successful if it returns at the top of the search results.

There is a great deal of information to comprehend and understand about SEO. The great news is that you don’t have to know it all. Simply collaborate with an agency or firm that is skilled and has extensive experience in the field and you will begin to see a positive increase in clients and revenue.

If you need help with marketing for your law firm, Virtual Surge, your legal SEO expert, is here to help. Whether you reside in Baltimore or anywhere else in the nation, reach out today to find out about the immediate steps that you can take today to boost your website traffic, improve your SEO, rev up your offline marketing, and ultimately grow your law firm.