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SEO for Retirement and Assisted Living Communities

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Retirement communities and assisted living communities help to give seniors a quality of life they deserve and can enjoy. Retirement is a time that many people plan for in their life, and one of the most important aspects, is to reside in a comfortable and fulfilling environment. This is exactly what you and others like your community have to offer.

There are valuable retirement communities and assisted living communities all around you and many of them offer most, if not all the amenities and services that you do. What makes your community stand out among the rest? The first place that people in search of communities for senior living will look, is online. This happens nearly 90% of the time. When searched, are you in the top five listed, or perhaps the top ten? You are aware that most Internet users only click on one or more of the first five listings that appear in their Google search, correct? Do you make that list, and if not, do you know what it takes to get you there? Here is what you need to know.

Your Competition is Ranking

There are very few industries, if any at all, where competition isn’t a major concern for a business. It is imperative to remain ahead of the competition and aware of what your target audience wants and needs when they seek the services you provide. Before all else, your target audience wants to see what you offer, how your community is structured and what others have to say about you. There is one place that can help answer all these questions and more, the Internet. When potential residents or their family perform an internet search for retirement communities or assisted living communities in your area, your competition is likely ranked in the top ten. If your competition’s website is ranked higher than your website, they already have an advantage over you. There are steps you should take to claim your rightful position in the Google search. The longer you allow your website to linger on page 3,4 or 10, the longer you’ll be waiting on the phone to ring or door to be opened by a potential resident.

Discover What It Takes to Make Your Retirement Community Dominate the Search Engine with SEO

The Internet has caused a major increase in business for all industries, especially senior living. These facilities are capitalizing on the techniques and strategies required to increase website traffic. Through careful research and study, many have seen that SEO, when applied effectively, has a major impact on the number of visitors to a website. Here are a few suggestions to help you capitalize on the results generated by the SEO strategies of your retirement community.

Keyword Search

This is one of the most discussed topics in basic SEO. It is important to rank for keywords, but with words your target audience actually utilizes in the search bar. There are research tools and resources that SEO agencies like Virtual Surge, utilize to ensure that the selected terms are beneficial to the industry. It is easy to assume that by placing an industry related term in the proper places among general web copy, Google will recognize it but this is not the case. Proper and effective keyword placement works exactly as it should when executed by professional SEO strategists.

Backlinks Are Anything but Basic

Don’t underestimate the power of a backlink. There are prime advantages to having your website linked via other websites. Google gages the popularity and authority of your website per the number of times it is referenced across the web. There are several ways to incorporate backlinks on the internet but precaution should be taken to assure that it is through a credible site. SEO professionals are trained in this area, as well as suggesting other ways to utilize links to direct more traffic to your website.

Conversion Optimization

If you don’t know anything else, you likely understand that SEO can increase the traffic of your website. Although important, SEO does more than just increase traffic. Professional SEO strategists implement practices that will convert the elevated traffic flow into business leads. A website that is poorly designed and not user-friendly will turn users away almost immediately. A positive component of an SEO strategy is that it works to ensure that your website is easy to read, filled with engaging and informative content and simple to navigate between the pages. Your potential residents or their family members are searching for a place of comfort for themselves or their loved ones. If they don’t feel comfortable on your website, they will leave and never visit your community. Conversion optimization will get them there and keep them there.

Content Engages and Informs Visitors to Your Website

The number one reason consumers search the web is to help them make a decision on a particular product or service. These decisions are not made based on the theme or images displayed on the site, but is solely gained from the content that fills each category. SEO supports the use of quality content that will engage and inform readers. It is the written confirmation that ensures visitors your senior living community has exactly what they need. Keyword optimization and elimination of fluff will help increase your community’s ROI and help you to rank higher in internet searches. Our expert retirement living SEO team can help you decide what visitors to your site need to read and what type of content will successfully deliver it.

Mobile Optimization

Do you have any idea how many families set out on any given day to ride around and visit retirement communities and assisted living communities? A large percentage of people who consider senior communities do so at the onset of considering this type of living for their family member of themselves. The tool that they rely mostly on during their spontaneous drive is their mobile device. That leads us to this question. Is your website optimized for mobile? If you have achieved all other aspects of the SEO approach, yet failed to apply this strategy, you will not achieve the maximum results you desire. Almost everyone that browses the web does so from their mobile device, especially during travel. It is imperative to ensure that your site is equipped to properly handle mobile access. Virtual Surge understands the necessary applications required to accommodate this task.

Now that you are fully aware of what SEO will do for your senior living and retirement community, remember these few tips:

  • There are numerous SEO agencies, but not all of them are experts. Inquire about their tracking procedures and if they provide services for your competitors.
  • Request detailed information about their process and packages. Make sure the professionals have in-depth experience and a track record of producing quality results for businesses in your industry.
  • Google mandates ethics and is intolerable of blind-sided tactics. An expert SEO agency will be familiar with the rules that Google has set in place and will make sure to ALWAYS remain within the guidelines.

SEO strategies cover an umbrella of services. Fortunately, you don’t have to know or understand them all. An in-depth consultation with Virtual Surge retirement SEO experts will help you gain proven results and increased web traffic to your healthcare site. The increase of traffic will convert into quality leads that contribute to a positive ROI for your assisted living community.  Contact us today!  Make sure to ask us about our special promotion for retirement and assisted living businesses.