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July 22, 2015
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August 11, 2015

social mediaWhy Social Media is So Important to Your Business

Social media marketing via company websites and social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and the like has quickly become a very useful marketing tool and a necessary means by which to keep businesses on the cutting edge of their marketing efforts. There are very few businesses that do not have their own company websites and Facebook and Twitter sites which allows them to reach out to customers and their respective client bases. If your business does not have a company page on social media sites, you may want to hire a Social Media Marketing Manager as he/she can help you get your business on the cyber map.

Everyone has heard of Facebook and Twitter as well as the many other lesser known social media sites, but what exactly is Social Media Marketing? Social media marketing is considered to be a form of marketing done on the Internet which implements social media networks in achieving goals set forth in a company’s marketing, branding, and communication efforts. Social media marketing consists primarily of the activities which involve the social sharing of written content, images, and videos for marketing purposes. Generally Social media marketing and the managers within the industry analyze business trends within different types of businesses competing within the market that they are working in. For instance a flower shop would use their Social Media sites to reach out to their customers via posts and interesting articles that would be useful to the needs and concerns of their client base and the target market they share with their business competition. Social media managers would post either articles or blogs that they themselves have written online or that have turned up on the internet among the client base. Another function of social media marketing and managers is the company posts on Facebook and Twitter, which would be a monitoring of the trends taking place in the industry and any customer inquiries of the customers and potential customers who visit their company sites with engaging content that attracts the attention of prospective clients. A Social media marketing manager would carefully monitor the company social media pages to analyze what customers want and need and how the business can serve them better while also providing ways of drawing web hits.

Currently Twitter and Facebook are the big two Social Media sites while Pinterest has slowly begun to emerge as the new kid on the block. Sites such as YouTube, Yelp and Foursquare are also quite popular in the social media world as is Reddit, LinkedIn, and Google +. If you have a business and are not yet communicating with your customers via the various Social Media sites, you may be losing out on potential clients and business, thus consider learning more and hiring Virtual Surge, a Baltimore SEO, expert to help make your business thrive.  Virtual Surge is based in Baltimore but provides services nationwide.