Why Small Companies Need to Invest in SEO

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August 11, 2015
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August 14, 2015

Why small companies need to invest in SEO (to beat the larger corporations)

small co need to invest in seoThe number one reason for failure of small businesses is unfair competition from established brands. Customers tend to be trustful and loyal towards established brands making it difficult for startups to gain entry into the market. Hence, SEO is the only remedy for startups. To gain a deeper understanding on why small companies need to invest in SEO, outlining the SEO concept is important.

SEO is a term that most entrepreneurs are familiar with. SEO enables your company to be visible and rank higher in the search engine results of popular search engines like Google. Research conducted by Forbes indicates that 80% of customers today use the internet to search for information on goods and services they consume. Out of this, 60% use the internet to make inquiries, booking or purchase of the goods. Unless your website is visible on the search results, you are missing out on this huge customer base. Further, a higher ranking website is viewed by customers as more credible. Hence, you need to optimize your website to not only standout above your competitors, but to compete fairly with the leading brands.

SEO is the simplest and most effective way to provide customers with solutions to their problems. When a customer goes online to search for product information, there is nothing more frustrating than finding websites with irrelevant, insufficient or outdated content. A good SEO strategy is not just about good ranking but also great content. A combination of ranking and content is something most leading brands lack hence, as a small business, you must capitalize on their weakness to beat them.

SEO is the most cost-effective form of digital marketing. To succeed as a small business, you must ensure you not only keep your spending at minimum, but also get value for every dollar spend. By improving your online presence, SEO gives you value for your marketing budget. Also, SEO increases traffic to your website which can easily be converted to sales.

Leads generation is one of the best effective online marketing strategies. Remember, customers are looking for products and services in their local area. SEO incorporates phrases that a customer is most likely to use while searching for information on goods and services related to your business. This helps you to beat larger corporations since you are providing customized information to customers. Whereas a large company advertises its brand, you are marketing a specific product or service, hence a customer can easily choose your company.

Good customer relations is the easiest way to gain a larger market share. By incorporating social media techniques in your SEO plan, you can easily interact with customers answering their questions and addressing their concerns. Further, using social media, you can share customer stories hence getting positive reviews and testimonials on your website.

SEO will not only help you beat large corporations but help your business grow and achieve stability. Get a easily-navigable, highly interactive and user friendly website. With the website designed, get a good SEO company to optimize it and start getting higher traffic and increased online presence. Convert the traffic into sales and watch your market share grow. At Virtual Surge Baltimore SEO, we are your one stop shop for all your SEO needs ranging from content generation, social media marketing, organic SEO generation and high conversion rates. Talk to us and allow us to share in your success through effective and affordable SEO services.