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August 27, 2015
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mobile marketingMobile marketing is massive already and is projected to surpass desktop Internet access in several developing countries. Therefore, every marketer needs to keep tabs on the opportunities of getting to their audiences via mobile devices and how to make their mobile websites and presence visible and accessible. Mobile Marketing involves reaching clients and prospects when they are using the internet away from the traditional office or home desktop environment. There are several tools and platforms businesses can make use of to market this way. But, not all forms of mobile marketing are suitable for every business. Aside from marketing to the mobile ready websites, mobile apps, SMS marketing, and proximity or location-based marketing are key mobile marketing approaches. Just like usual online marketing, the point is often to drive clients to online stores or have them give permission to send them updates.

Mobile marketing has become a big trend in marketing over the last couple of years and with the growing prevalence of mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets, and other devices, it is not likely to go away. Currently, over 4 billion people use mobile devices and 39% (around 2.34 billion) of the world’s population now possess smartphones. Mobile commerce has taken a big leap forward this year, growing more quickly than desktop e-commerce. This was particularly evident on major online shopping days and according to IBM’s Digital Analytics, sales via mobile devices accounted for 22% of online sales. Mobile marketing is expected to exceed internet marketing by six folds within a 4-year time span. Mobile marketing is, in other words, on the verge of becoming the most powerful and cost-effective way of marketing. For small businesses, the time to adapt to this market trend is now.

Mobile marketing can truly benefit the growth of your small business. The increased usage of tablets, smartphones, and similar mobile devices has already made mobile marketing a must for some online businesses. Most businesses can benefit in some way from some mobile marketing, actually for some it may be a requisite. According to Strategic Marketing Concepts, owners and marketers of small businesses favor high impact, cost effective approaches to increasing revenue. While the high impact may be easy to obtain, the cost-effective part might be somewhat more difficult. That is where mobile marketing comes in as being a handy tool for small business owners. Mobile Marketing can allow a small business to interact directly with their target audience. This one-to-one interaction will help both your business and clients understand your products and services better and with this customer feedback, you can develop better products shortly.

Also, with mobile marketing, your business will have total control over the content of the messages and the timing to send to consumers. This is particularly a great opportunity for industries that thrive on discount offers or promotional campaigns, such as discount shopping coupons and dinner discount coupons. Since everything is in real time, small businesses can expect a timely response from 85% of their target audience who use mobile devices. This promotes engagement and interaction between the business and its customers, the goal of every marketing campaign.

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