Free Wi-Fi Makes Your Business the Social Hotspot of the Industry

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June 14, 2016
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Social Wi-Fi Services in Baltimore – What You Need to Know

wifi marketing in baltimoreCustomers have always been relatively clear about what they look for in a business. Many consumers share common desires when shopping such as, great customer service, quality products or services and let’s not forget the most important of them all…free Wi-Fi

As a business owner, numbers are clearly a large part of your business plan. Let’s visit a few extremely important numbers to make certain you are exactly where you need to be in the expanding social circle of consumers.

  • 79% of consumers say that complimentary Wi-Fi makes a huge difference in their choices surrounding restaurants, shopping establishments and other retail decisions.
  • Almost 75% of shoppers utilizing their smartphones to assist with shopping and almost 90% of those who use their smartphone to research local information make purchases within a day.
  • Almost 80% of customers remain loyal and frequently return to businesses that offer free Wi-Fi
  • 82% of adults in America access the internet wirelessly from their laptop, tablet, smartphone or other mobile device

The above numbers provide an inside look at what businesses gain by offering free Wi-Fi for their customers. One of the easiest and most beneficial ways to provide this service is via social hotspots. Social media is always trending and once your customers accesses your free Wi-Fi via their social media page, your business is trending all over the world.

Benefits of Social Hotspots

There are multiple benefits provided by linking up with mobile hotspot services and launching free Wi-Fi from your business. Businesses experience phenomenal growth of their customer database and are also able to engage with customers on an entirely different level. Strategic connections that are established through retarget advertising campaigns all while giving customers access to a secure and private internet connection are the foundation of these benefits.

Increased Interaction with Your Customers

  • Promote offers, events and publish advertising banners for the business to be streamed during customer log-in.
  • Make offers to customers involving vouchers, promotions, videos and coupons.
  • Consider cross-promoting to other advertisers as an extra stream of revenue for the business. Allow their ads to stream across your landing page for customers to see.

Increase Customer Database

  • First-time and returning visitors will instantly be included on the email marketing database from Facebook.
  • Communicate via email to visitors and capitalize your email marketing and advertising campaigns.
  • Social hotspots allow businesses to obtain valid email addresses of the customers, as well as gain an inside look at the Facebook Social Graph, which provides age, gender and hometown. It is beneficial in that businesses can capture quality valuable demographic data while observing engagement as it occurs.

The Social Connect

It’s really simple to get started and have your customers connected to your social hotspot via their social media pages. In very little time business owners will experience an increased number of leads that assist in business growth and sales increase.

  1. Log-In: Customer connects to Free Wi-Fi connection via their laptop, smartphone or tablet.
  2. Social Activity: Customer is immediately routed to a landing page that requests that they log-in via Twitter, Google, Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn or Email to be connected to the free Wi-Fi of the business.
  3. Interact: Customer is invited to ‘Share’ and ‘Like’ the Facebook business page prior to being directed to in store deals and promotions.
  4. Get Connected: Customers are free to enjoy the Free-Wi-Fi made possible by logging in to the business hotspot and the business enjoys the benefits gained by acquiring quality data that can be utilized to engage customers and develop marketing campaigns for future use.

The Sensible Business Solution

Social Wi-Fi hotspots are a dynamic way to cater to the demands of most consumers in the world today. Consumers want free access to Wi-Fi and with this method, businesses can provide them with secure access, while actually gaining great benefits for their business in return.

Be the connection your customers need and they’ll keep coming back!